Optimum Rewards Program

On February 1st, Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus will become the PC Optimum program. Read more…

Shopping at beautyBOUTIQUE.ca comes with a beautiful bonus—Shoppers Optimum Points®!
If you’re a Shoppers Optimum Member, you can earn and redeem points on all your online purchases, just as you would in-store.

With this number of points: You can save this much on your next purchase:
8,000 $10
22,000 $30
38,000 $60
50,000 $85
95,000 $170

Not a member yet? Here’s How to Join:

Fill in the online form at shoppersdrugmart.ca to create your account. Once your Optimum account is created, you can immediately link your card number to your beautyBOUTIQUE.ca account to start earning and spending points as you shop.

Collecting Points

The beauty of Shoppers Optimum Points® is that they add up quickly. All you have to do is shop for your favourite beauties and before you know it you’ll have enough points to treat yourself to something fabulous – at no cost.

How to Earn Points Online

Link Your Card to Your Account
1. Sign in to beautyBOUTIQUE.ca.
2. Select Your Account, then Shoppers Optimum Points in the dropdown.
3. Enter your card number and password (which you would have created when you registered your card at shoppersdrugmart.ca).
4. Select Link Card.

Link Your Card at Checkout
You can do this when checking out as a guest or registered customer.
1. Add the items you'd like to buy to your bag then proceed to checkout.
2. Enter your card number at the Payment Info stage of checkout, right below where you enter your credit card and shipping information.
3. Select Link Card. Continue with your checkout to earn your points.

When will I receive my Shoppers Optimum Points®?

If you earned Shoppers Optimum Points® on your order, they will be awarded to your account 2–3 days after your order has been shipped. If you entered a promo code to receive points from an Optimum offer, these points will show up in your account 3 – 4 weeks after your order has been shipped.

Spending your points (This is the part we love!)

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can easily redeem them online for the luxury beauties of your choice.

How to Redeem Points Online
1. Link your Optimum card number to Your Account if you haven’t done so already. (See step-by-step instructions under How to Earn Points Online.) You can also link your card at checkout.
2. Add the items you'd like to buy to your bag then proceed to checkout.
3. Once you’ve reached the Payment Info screen, you can link your card if you haven’t done so already. When linking your card prior to redemption you’ll be asked to verify your Optimum account password (which you originally created at shoppersdrugmart.ca).
4. Once your card is linked you’ll be able to view your points balance.
5. Select the points amount you'd like to redeem on your order—from a value of $10 up to $170. (Check our rewards chart at the top of the page to see the dollar value of your points.)
6. Your points value will be taken off your order total.

*Please note: If the Shoppers Optimum Member does not maximize the dollar value of the reward discount in their purchase, the remaining dollar value will be forfeited. In accordance with Federal and Provincial taxation laws, Shoppers Optimum Members must pay all applicable taxes on the full purchase price prior to the application of the discount reward.

Points Balance

You can check your points balance in your beautyBOUTIQUE.ca account. To see your detailed points transaction history, visit https://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/optimum-new and enter your card number. Click to read the full Terms & Conditions.

Click here for the full version of the Optimum Program terms and conditions